Jentann Afraid? Successfully Prepared Poison Drugs – The World Is Most Unique Marine Creature Is No Longer Scary


Researchers from the University of Sydney (Australia) said they have discovered detoxification in the case of being bitten by the world’s most unique marine creature – the Australian box jellyfish.

The amount of venom hidden in an Australian box jellyfish can kill more than 60 people.

According to this university report, this jellyfish has about 60 tentacles that can grow up to 3m. Each tentacle has millions of microscopic hooks that contain many venom. They often live in coastal saltwater areas, which encircle Australia and the Philippines to the north and west.

Expert Greg Neely, one of the authors of the study, confirmed that no other creature has such a high level of toxin. This venom is capable of causing tissue necrosis, cardiac arrest and victims will die shortly after a few minutes of poisoning. If luck escapes death, the victim will suffer extreme pain.

The team used genetic modification technology called CRISPR to determine how this creature’s venom kills human cells. “We studied the venom of this largest, most unique and scary jellyfish. Our antidote works for these monsters but we are not sure whether it works with any jellyfish Neely, “said Neely.


Researchers have found that this venom is the most damaging to the skin when it interacts with cholesterol. According to them, existing drugs to remove cholesterol can also act as antidote to jellyfish venom if used within 15 minutes after being bitten.

The researchers used cyclodextrins, a cholesterol-absorbing drug, to block venom.


This antidote has been tested on human cells outside the body and on mice. Scientists hope to develop applications for humans.


However, it is unclear whether this antidote is effective for severe bites.

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