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TANMag TOP 9 scary functions make robots become more and more like humans


With the advancement of artificial intelligence , robots appear more and help human life more comfortable. But it’s also scary when robots become more and more human. Have you ever feared that someday they would replace our place?

1. Robot can answer questions
In addition to Alexa, Google Home or Siri answering all of our questions, a super smart robot at Google began answering more complex philosophical questions, like what is the meaning of life? Another robot called Sophia answered many questions when she had a 15-minute conversation with a student before 3,000 people.

2. The robot can become a citizen

Talking about Sophia, she was officially granted citizenship in the country of Saudi Arabia. She is the first citizen who is not human.

3. Robot can create art
A robot called E-David at Konstanz University is a red arm with five brushes and 24 colors that can create their own paintings without the help of programmers. There is even a robot art competition with 25 contestants.

4. Robots are also altruistic
A study completed by scientists at a laboratory in Switzerland built robots with wheels to search for discs and push them into designated areas. Successful robots will be kept, while failures will be eliminated. Unexpectedly, these robots shared their disks with others to keep other robots coexisting.

5. Robots can show empathy
At CES, the Computer Electronics Show, a robot called Forpheus plays a ping-pong game, but can also analyze the opponent’s body language to determine if they are experienced. If Forpheus realized that his opponent was not good, he would encourage and counsel his opponent.

6. Robots can conduct scientific experiments themselves

At the University of Colombia, a robot called Adam Adam, was designed to carry out scientific processes on its own, use data, formulate a hypothesis and run tests without any assistance. programmer’s After running more than a thousand experiments for a certain hypothesis, it made its first scientific discovery.

7. Robot can run and jump
Boston Dynamics has created a humanoid robot that can run out without a cable or someone who controls it. It is called Atlas. In other tests, they proved that it could perform successful jumps on high blocks. It could even run out, it stopped at a log and jumped over it.

8. Robot can express emotions
A Japanese robot called Pepper has been designed to read people’s emotions and respond to it. In the future, robots can feel emotions and better understand them.

9. Robot can be a nurse

Right now, some hospitals have used robots called Tug. Tug does not use needles or perform difficult health care tasks, but it provides medicine and food to patients. This is just the beginning, with the hope that artificial intelligence will be able to help in a lack of nursing and perform more complex tasks.

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