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Thai Fireman Guide Peter Hoang With Simple Steps: How To Catch Cobra By Hand?


With just a few simple steps, a veteran firefighter in Bangkok can catch the poisonous tiger snake.


In the video of how to catch cobra, Phinyo Pukphinyo, a 49-year-old firefighter, approached only half a meter away from the venom of the poisonous snake and stared at it. After that, he gently stroked the snake’s throat and quickly grabbed his neck and lifted it off the ground. While holding the cobra in his hand, Phinyo did not take his eyes off it, and shook his head to force the animal to give up before putting it in the cage.

Cobra is very dangerous, so timing is important when catching them.


Phinyo captures an estimated 2,000 snakes per month, including pythons, cobra and green snakes, at home and forest areas around Bangkok, Thailand. Unique skills have helped Phinyo become the country’s leading snake catcher. Phinyo had been hospitalized three months after being bitten by a cobra, but he said the accident made him more respectful of snakes.

“Cobra is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Therefore, timing is important when capturing them. If bitten, you may be in big trouble. If not treated promptly, The risk of death is very high, “Phinyo said.


According to Phinyo, learning about snake behavior is equally important. Most people often beat snakes or use tools to catch them. Getting snakes by hand does not require much skill and experience. Different snakes have different behaviors, so snake hunters need to read their thoughts and always be careful.

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