Góc giải trí

Chỗ tôi thấy gì hay là tôi cho vào đây, Video hay, vui vẻ, hướng dẫn làm gì đấy hay vài trích dẫn hay từ ai đấy thì tôi cũng đưa vào, tóm lại là những gì làm bản thân vui.

Có thắc mắc hay lo sợ bản quyền gì thì nhắn tin hộ tôi cái.

Fantasies of the Future

In an attempt to understand our work, digital designers may look towards architectural practice for inspiration. As much as we can learn from where architecture has been successful, we can also draw lessons from its failures, too.

Responsive Principles

Responsive design has engendered a wider conversation about how we build products that accommodate an increasing breadth of connected devices. I outline a framework within which we can use to ensure our work is better suited to a rapidly changing world.

Keep Up!

An insight into the many opportunities and challenges facing web designers in 2013.